1 Mobile Fact for Modern Restaurants and Retailers

1 Mobile Fact for Modern Restaurants and Retailers

It’s no secret that the Internet has become a major – if not the major – driver of restaurant and retail sales. As outlined in another post (The Need for More Inbound), many business owners have begun taking advantage of this trend. This includes online advertising, social media engagement, and search engine optimization. But one sub-category that can too easily be ignored is mobile.

Here are is one major fact (and some bonus smaller statistics) that will help make clear the importance of creating an effective mobile strategy.

94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone, and 84% take action as a result.1

And this is a big deal, as more than 200 million Americans now own a smartphone.

This statistic is particularly true of 18-29 year-olds, the key age demographic for most restaurants and bars.

It’s clear that creating an easily accessible and mobile friendly online brand is crucial to success for both modern restaurants and retailers.

In our next post, we’ll detail how social media is such an important part of the mobile equation

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